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In 1975, Rosa Parks signed an open letter, together with many prominent African-Americans. A bold statement of support for Israel, it condemns those who attempt to boycott Israel and says:

“Zionism is not racism, but the legitimate expression of the Jewish people’s self determination…From our 400 year experience with slavery, segregation, and discrimination we know that Zionism is not racism....”
“The democratic values that have sustained our struggle in
America are also the source of our admiration for Israel and
her impressive social achievements. No nation is without
imperfections. But Israel’s are far outweighed by the freedom
of her democratic society. Only in Israel, among the nations of
the Middle East, are political freedoms and civil liberties
secure. All religions are free and secure in their observance.
Education is free and universal.”

“Together with other Americans, we enthusiastically join in
reaffirming the rights of Israel exist as a sovereign state.”

Photo credit: Chloé Simone Valdary




La Dea Tutte mi ha inviato a combattere il demone dell'evanescenza, fin dalla pianura che non deve essere nominata


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