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these are both still male dominated like……….this is wrong this is not more women than men look its plain and simple wtf

Men, despite dominating STEM fields, demonstrating that they do not even have a basic grasp on math.


The irony being that this is actually taken from an article written in support of getting more women in STEM fields.

The stupid part being that the screenshot is cropped from the bottom of the article, which actually says:

“Not All STEM Fields Dominated By Men

Many people believe that all STEM jobs are dominated by men. While not all STEM fields have an equal mix of men and women, some have a higher percentage of women than you might assume. Others have more women than men.

  • Database administrators are 37 percent women.
  • Biological scientists are 46 percent women.
  • Accountants and auditors are 60 percent women.
  • Clinical laboratory technologists are 78 percent women.
  • Registered nurses are 91 percent women.”

Maybe it’s just the phrasing? 54% isn’t as “dominating” as say, 96%.

And nursing isn’t really a STEM field. 

Nursing is part of medical science, which makes it a STEM field.

Not necessarily a well-paying STEM field, but a STEM field nonetheless.

Not well paying? RN’s make pretty good money in Canada. Espeically with onlya 4 year degree. A 4 year RN degree wil make more than a 4 year bio degree for sure. Try an average of $32 an hour. That’s not bad, imo.

In comparison to other STEM fields, I assume, it doesn’t pay as much.

The low end of the pay-scale for US RNs seems to be just over $29,000 (for the bottom 10%), with the top 10% making over $96,000 per year.

Where did you get the data for 29,000 being the low end for RNs being $29,000 in the US? From all the sources I’ve looked at the low end seems to be closer to $40,000.

Nevermind, after reading the page more closely, the 29,000 was for medical assistants, not RNs.



La Dea Tutte mi ha inviato a combattere il demone dell'evanescenza, fin dalla pianura che non deve essere nominata


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