Si sveglieranno?

Si sveglieranno i tedeschi? Pare di sì. Un po’ meno i minus-habens chi li governano





The town of just 5500 residences has taken in around 85 refugees so far. The heated conversation begun when an older gentleman put a question to Mayor Jens Müller, of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party.

Migrants are sexually harassing German girls in a small German town, and what does the towns mayor do? He tells them to ignore them and go different routes than them!

When will you awake Deutshland? When will you awake my dear Europa!?

I have yet to see a feminist talk about protecting women and children from refugees.

feminists don’t care about it unless they can bash white men.

By the way this is what rape culture looks like.

Oh my god.

conservative-humanist Source: carefulwatcher

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