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Ritardato o ritardata

Allah’s retarded challenge ; Allah challenged both Satan (Satan is one of the Jinn – Surah 18:50) and mankind to produce a verse like in Quran (2:23, 17:88). Quran itself is the proof that Satan was able to produce verses like Quran as seen in Surah 22:52-53 and Muhammad could not distinguish it from that of Allah. When Surah 53:19-20 was revealed to Muhammad he bowed down to idols without noticing that it was from Satan (Tafsir Ibn Kathir 1999 Printing KSA, V5, P442). Again Omar (a human) was able to produce verses that are in Surah 2:125 and 66:5 and it became a part of Quran (Sahih Bukhari Book 8, 395). Omar said: “So the verse (66:5) revealed, the SAME AS I HAD SAID.” (Ref: The Book of ‘Ol-It’qan Fee ‘Olum Al-Quran, VI, page 137)”’.

‘The True Furqan, al-Furqan al-Haqq is a book written in Arabic mirroring the Qur’an but incorporating elements of traditional Christian teaching.
According to Baptist News, Al-Mahdy, a member of the executive committee of “Project Omega 2001” released The True Furqan in April 1999 saying that Muslims “have not received the true message of the gospel”.[1] The book is attributed to authors who go by the pseudonyms of “Al Saffee” and “Al Mahdee”, and was translated into English by Anis Shorrosh, who calls it “a tool to liberate Muslims”,[2] and who believes that Muhammad is “the antichrist”.[3] It contains 77 numbered chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue.[4] According to Shorrosh, The True Furqan is an attempt to respond to the challenge in the Quran that none can create a work like it,[5] and incorporates a Christian rather than Islamic message.[6] “This book apparently reproduced the Quranic style so effectively that some who recited it aloud in public areas were thanked by Arab Muslims for having recited the Quran itself.”[7]

Christian missionary Dr. Ray Register characterized the book as an effective tool for “pre-evangelism” to help “critique the Quran and popular Muslim attitudes toward Jesus and ethical living.” [8] American Thinker editor and publisher Thomas Lifson wrote that the book “presents Christian theology in a way that it can be understood and digested by Muslims.”[9] but says that some Muslims are offended by the book because they feel that the work mocks Islam and tries to deceive Muslims into accepting The True Furqan.

It has been described as “Christian propaganda” since its second verse “starts talking about the Holy Trinity, a thoroughly un-Islamic concept.”[10] and The American Muslim called the book a “hoax”, saying it represented “a desperate measure to find some way to convert the infidel Muslims since a few hundred years of concerted effort have brought so little success”.[11] Other critics called it “poor in quality and ridiculous in content” and “a pathetic attempt to distort the Quranic teaching by reproducing what looks like Quranic verses.”[12]
Author Al Saffee, Al Mahdee Original title al-Furqān al-ḥaqq Translator Anis Shorrosh Country United States Language English, Arabic Genre Religion Publisher Wine Press Publishing, Enumclaw, WA
Publication date
June 1999 Media type Print (Hardback), Online edition Pages 366 ISBN 9781579211752 OCLC 52725049

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