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Non mi stupisce

No, davvero, non mi stupisce leggere cose come questa:

Dichiarazioni shock il vero dio dei massoni è lucifero.

Testimonianza dell’ex massone del 33° grado Juhani Julin. Juhani Julin, massone finlandese fin dal 1991, decide di uscire dalla Massoneria dopo ben sedici anni di appartenenza. Una volta uscito, racconta la sua storia in un’intervista al canale televisivo finlandese TV7. Quello che segue è un riassunto di questa intervista. Nella Massoneria finlandese vi sono 33 …

Obbella, se cerchi riferimenti in rete su “Juhani Julin” trovi ben pochi riferimenti che gente come quelli di butac non etichetterebbero sprezzantemente come “bufale complottiste”. E purtroppo in molti casi han ragione. A me però rimane il dubbio.  Certo è che trovare riferimenti su che a sua volta fa riferimento a non è mica un bell’inizio.

Ma fanno  riferimento a questi video:

Oppure a questo sito finlandese che è così aperto che ti fanno scaricare direttamente il video in mp4.
Coi sottotitoli.
In finlandese. Anzi no, in lettone.

Me ne farò una ragione. L’ho tradotto con Google in inglese che in italiano come diceva il buon HMM traduce coi piedi. Se vi serve il file coi sottotitoli estone chiedete pure.

Comunque eccolo qua sotto. Per me basta.

 Welcome to the show.
My guest is a person

to the Freemasons is released
Society, and it is our subject today.
Of course, talking about his salvation
and the receipt of other things.
Welcome, Juhana Julin.
-Aitäh. fsa

I am a colleague of mine, worked as the business manager.

Speak to your journey into business management, how things went.

I’ve worked for your whole life S-group service.

15 years old I requested cashier job co-op store.
I worked for two years then rauapoe a trader, and after me were encouraged to go to study economics.

I went there, and then take advantage of the army and thereafter recruited SOK me with others of the same school graduates to work.
After a year I went to practice Helsinki and started

I work and study Business College, I got a paper in 1977.

Maybe it lasted long learning working.

You feel it very well in sales, In Finland, where you worked?

I come from Lapland, the family is also there.

I learned and worked for 10 years meanwhile in Helsinki

1981 I went back to Rovaniemi Osuuskauppa Suurlappi Managing Director and thence in 1986 to Oulu Arina administrative co-op director and the office stayed retired in 2007.

I noticed it only when When I got to retire.

Yes, still suffer as a result.  The family had never been economic Difficulties, however, I myself would have been made more at home.

How do you think about afterwards, where it is said that today

Business is one of the fastest and competition, How would advise them

I noticed towards the end of his career, so that any change in the electronic and I had all the time to be in real time things with you.

It is caused by a break message arrival, expecting had to be available all the time e-mail or mobile phone.

There was more free time even in the evenings or on weekends.

Technically, this free time is available, But thoughts were all the time at work.

The head full of things, what a weekend must be solved.

Sadly, though I tried it not to make the papers came from You said that retired Three years ago.

Do it fast in the middle of the For God’s time?

I must admit that I was totally a typical Finn Christian name.

On Christmas Eve, it was important to go to church, and of course, were required for weddings and the funeral,

Is retirement brought a major change in your life?

Yes, I knew that because I had lived Under such a large workload, are planning to start reading literature, poetry, perhaps , and keep my spiritual things of life.

Before you retired, had for a long time Yes, I joined in 1991, 16 years I was a part of it.

Good friends invited me.  Asked gently, Have I heard of and if I am interested to join.  What are the thoughts, and were joined by The first years there?

When I joined, it stressed only Masonic secrets this is not supposed to speak very.
Rather, out of curiosity, I joined and were also told that this association
There is nothing wrong with that.

Many viewers do not know, How many people are part of that,

Why and how to join them in reaching higher levels of skill.

Masonic association has 33 levels, It is built on the basis of the mysteries.

Every step you know the only instance and the lower levels of the secrets

You do not know the next step something else.

Even the members of the association inside do not share these secrets with each other the entire “stamp” of the mysteries built on.

must begin to guess any vows to give.

If you have been through various phases Accepted Freemason, need to go to the first compartment volume to take an oath.

Masonic delegation from each freemason temple is sacred.

In the middle compartment volume, the temple building, the altar, and sits on the east

Dear champion together with the other brothers.

compartment volume is open to God’s altar
The Holy Bible, which is the title bracket and dividers, which symbolize certain things.

You have to give these vows, not knowing what to swear.

You do not yet know what are the secrets, you can not talk about it.

When I studied the matter later, I found, that they are not so secret things these are written various books.

A very good book by John Weldon “Masonic secret teachings”

There are those oaths letter and internet is also included.

These oaths are in vain, these secrets, you can not to speak here today.

If you give this oath, You bind yourself that spirituality,

Yes, all this activity is both like Christianity, Please note that you can not, that dealing with false religion.

I can read for free and Finland legitimate Masonic suurlooži peareeglite first page says Freemasons not let faith:

“There is one God, the father of all people
(Small letters).

The Holy Bible is the Freemasons shining star
Human characteristics determine his fate.

Charity is love Against God.

Prayer, the human connection God will help. ”

This goes together with ordinary the name of a Christian man.

Anyone who has studied more Christianity and Jesus knows the role and the ways in which human eternal fate is decided, knows that, in any event, no way bringing.

It is in front of the curtain of lies. sielunvihollinen is dressed as an angel of light.

90 percent is quoted, and 10 percent of the poison

and this makes the poison poison the whole soup.

Albert Pike, who are Freemasons guru whose behalf vannutakse is said that Freemasonry deliberately misleads off lower degrees of Freemasons and people outside.

You said that there are 33 steps, the top tier of the person notices finally found it just 33. Upgrading which revealed that the Freemasons God is Lucifer.

It is a lot of evidence.  Pertti allocation of Jotun, who was honored first 33 degree freemason, relying heavily, was saved and showed off,
that the union leader is Lucifer.

There are few men who know it, because it only needs to be 33rd top tier. only a handful of Finnish freemasons will result.

If they can not be saved and are still blinded

Reaching there, they did not nothing good thing.  Lucifer has come to take they maintained a stranglehold , and then it is impossible to get rid of, unless Find the freedom of Jesus’ atonement.

Yes, it happened to me, it was only after certain phases was waking up inside me.  Being a freemason, do not know the thing so much, I know now.

Jesus became personally acquainted only after If you were to retire. Tell this change in your life.  The first dating Jesus my middle son was out, his wife attracted me Alfa Kuusimosse go to courses.  There were sown in my heart This little seed.

Another impetus came from Biblical Learning Center CEO Timolt who held a “Journey through the Bible” named after a weekend conference.

TV7 s experienced evangelist Pirkko Vesavaara aroused in me an interest for which I am especially grateful for the that the Bible, I found a fantastic team, with older gentlemen, half engineers and half economists and One judge, to soothe our conversations, if we interpret the Bible differently.  We take this thing slowly and does not violate the biblical reading hurriedly.  We went to Acts through the adoption of the year.  This is the pace we Bible reading.  Pirkko came Vesavaaralt knowledge of the effects of the words you guess?  Yes, once prayed My Freemasonry liberation, and he said, I have a special task , and he thought that it is somehow related to my work.  Later, we showed that it is associated with Freemasonry.  I try to save as many of them 8000 Finnish freemason, relying heavily, so that they could open their eyes and see that they serve Masonic temples.  These include, inter alia, Lutheran minister.  What is your opinion on how Church takes Freemasonry?  I still have not received k irikult answer.  Right at the beginning I tried to explain, how the Church feels about this, because there are many different of viewpoints.  All the secret retreated under the cover and said that they did not know anything, wrote Archbishop Kari Mäkinenile “settle” magazine interviewed Kari and asked the same thing, turn of the year, I wrote to all Finnish bishops of and one of them was willing to comply and with him we have a correspondence There is not a church in my opinion, a particular role or position.  Unfortunately, Kari Mäkinen Decision to remain silent and hide this thing to return to the church as an institution, and the herd itself.  My hand has in recent weeks During often asked is either Kari Mäkinen freemason, because they have heard of it it said.  But the church is a freemason, relying heavily at the moment in my opinion, the 80th The letter sent by the bishops, I mentioned all of these names, Google is a good helper, write the name of the character of the church and the word “freemason”, and He says a couple of seconds, if the person is Society member or not.  I know that a lot of the Lutheran Church living and adhere to the Bible the priests and the people, whether it would not be fair to them, in order to enable them to know the Church the position of Freemasonry.  I think of fear, because I know Masonic oath the contents of the the priest, who is to take the oath said when he cometh freemason who wants leave the Society, odd of God to turn to, According to the oath which he behaves?  Is a priest appointed by baptism, or the Masonic oath under the?  It may not behave so.  The church needs to see this thing.  Blessings disappear that the priest’s hand.  The shepherd, who is the spirit of the managed, what the consequences are?  I’ve already decided, I do not want to follow the herd, which leads me to Lucifer.  The priests and the people of the church part of Freemasonry is important, since it is used to Half of the bishops in Sweden freemasons.  But I do not want the Finnish Church it would be in the same situation where Sweden.  I have learned to know as the Bible, that can not be considered for a sin acquitted simply because that it has already been done for so long.  It is international Society is not it? Yeah.  How can these things are elsewhere in the world?  In my opinion, one of the significant the thing which I discovered in the spring, is the attitude of the Catholic Church Freemasonry.  It is Marko Tervaportti attitude: “No Catholic can not take part Freemasonry, It is a serious sin. alone Catholic freemason This applies both to the priests as usual Catholic church members.  When 1.2 billion in the same Bible prohibits people believe it away, if they are wrong, or the Church of Finland is wrong?  Yes, this is a very serious matter.  I know that many freemasons are important people in society, His influence is so great a very big impact. Finnish society belongs to this elite.  said müüriladujatest, But in fact they are all lawyers, judges, doctors, architects, business managers, bank directors, Juhana, last minute is at hand, What is your heart to talk Freemasons children, it brings threats, or how to get rid of it?  I hope this reaches the general public to the more it can review.  Men should not be lightly go to the Freemasons children.  Before you answer yes to the invitation or give in to the questionnaire, Think through which you bind yourself.  Do you want to go to serve Satan, , or if you want to earn our the living God, Jesus Christ?  Do you want to get to heaven, or go to hell? Yeah.  Do you pray in a few words for our viewers?  Dear Dad, I want to thank you for that you have given us this wonderful TV channel TV7-e which is made out of valuable our job to save lives.  Lord, I want to especially pray their 8000 Finnish husband, You might be able to sow their the hearts of the little seed, which sowed into my heart Kuusamo Alpha courses.  Let it germinate the seed.  Let the Holy Spirit to lead them Freemasons Vendu children, they do not dwell on nimekristlastena.  I want to especially pray for the Church of Finland for the Lord give courage and wisdom Kari Mäkinenile, Archbishop and the first shepherds, that he would purify the church these worshipers of Satan Our Finnish people and protect homes.  Thank you, Juhana that came to talk the sensitivity of the topic.  Good, that dared to come, that the truth can be revealed.  We pray for the protection of the blood of Jesus, Thank you for coming. – Thank you.




La Dea Tutte mi ha inviato a combattere il demone dell'evanescenza, fin dalla pianura che non deve essere nominata

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  1. Esistono veramente massoni non di 33° grado? Su Internet non si legge mai uno che non sia al vertice scozzese, italiano, o quel che sia: se ne vanno sempre via all’ultimo. Non all’inizio. A me suona strano.
    Tra parentesi, la lingua è finlandese lettone o estone? Celi la verità con una cortina di mistero degna del massimo massonico! 😛

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