Chiedi agli scienziati

Lo facevo notare giusto ieri: han chiesto a degli scienziati come gestiscono il rapporto religione-scienza. Queste sono le loro risposte.

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Via by-grace-of-god su tumblr che ha riportato solo le risposte dei cristiani. C’è anche una Israeliana, un – mi pare – Indù e due musulmani….




We asked scientists how their religion relates to their work. This is what they told us.

JPII would be so happy!

“I have been a scientist since about the age of 3 (scientist readers will know what I mean) and a Christian since young adulthood. If there were serious compatibility issues between science and Christianity I would feel them like a knife through my mind, but instead my experience is that they nourish each other.

When I read or listen to people who do think they are at odds, it rapidly becomes clear to me that they don’t understand science, or faith, or in many cases either. For me, ‘Are science and faith compatible?’ is simply the wrong question – it imposes boundaries where they do not exist and confuses categories. Simply put, when God wants us to understand the world, he gives us science to do it.”

– Tom McLeish



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