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Con loro dovrebbero far la pace?

And We Are Supposed To Make Peace With The Palestinians?

…Palestinian terror so far today (Thursday)…

At 3:19 pm, a Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife was captured in Hevron near the Cave of the Patriarchs.

At 2:10 pm, Palestinian terrorists fired at the Jewish community of Har Bracha. IDF forces are currently searching for the perpetrators.

At 10:10 am, inspectors foiled the smuggling of rocket and mortar-making materials through the Tarkumya Crossing near Hevron.

…Palestinian terror yesterday (Wednesday)…

There were more than 30 Palestinian terror attacks including missiles fired from Gaza at southern Israel, Molotovs thrown at Israeli civilians and police at such places as Mt. Scopus, and “rocks” hurled at locations throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem.


This advertisement appeared on the Facebook homepage of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement yesterday (photo courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch).

It was March 29, 2002, a typical Spring day in Jerusalem. At about 3 pm, an 18-year-old female Palestinian terrorist, Ayat al-Akhras, came to the entrance of the Shufersal supermarket in the Kiryat HaYovel neighborhood of Jerusalem. It was a Friday and the supermarket was full of shoppers for the weekend.

The security guard at the store, Haim Smadar, became suspicious when he saw two Arabic women leave the front of the store after talking with al-Akhras–and confronted her. As he attempted to wrestle her out of the store, she detonated her suicide vest.

In the ensuing blast, Smadar was killed, and 17-year-old Rachel Levy who happened to be standing nearby was also blown to pieces.  28 more Israelis were badly wounded, but they were saved from death by Smadar’s heroic act.

A plaque remembering Haim Smadar is still on the wall of the supermarket.

Smadar had immigrated to Israel from Tunisia as a child and was only working in the supermarket that day to pick up some extra money for Passover. His everyday job was working as a security guard at a school for autistic children.

Rachel Levy had come to Israel from the U.S. when she was nine. She was majoring in photography at the Ziv High School in the Beit HaKerem area of Jerusalem.

It turned out that the murderer was a resident of the Deheishe Palestinian settlement near Bethlehem. It also turned out that the reason she “heroically” blew herself up was that she was unmarried and pregnant. It also turned out that the father of her unborn child was a Fatah (PLO) terrorist.

Not surprisingly, al-Akhras quickly became a hero. When news of her attack became known later that day, the Deheishe settlement erupted in gunfire–and candy was passed out on the street. Later on, poems were written about her “heroism”, and a novel was even written about the bombing.

The Palestinians made her an icon in Bethlehem with her picture appearing everywhere–and the Palestinian leadership extolled her as a role model for all Palestinian female teenagers.

Why does your humble servant mention all of this today?

Because guess what is happening in Deheishe today, more than 14 years after the heinous murder of the Israelis?

A celebration is being held to honor and further glorify al-Akhras. It is a celebration that has been organized by Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah. The advertisement for the celebration is the picture you see at the head of today’s blog.

What is the message of the celebration? Al-Akhras is still a role model. If you are a Palestinian female teenager–go out and murder Israelis.

And these are the people we are supposed to make peace with.

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