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‘The Internet is not a lawless place’. La censura è in marcia. Frau Merkel.


Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



«Every financial center, every financial product must be subject to regulation»[Merkel]


Germania. L’establishment ha paura e ne ha pienamente ragione.

«politicians and media opinions had repeatedly stigmatized both movements on a moral basis. Now it is dawning on many that not all who see themselves as right of center are racists, or right wing extremists»


«Furthermore, over the last several years, irritation over the consensus and feel-good oasis Berlin, in which those who oppose gay marriage are labelled homophobes, has grown palpable»


«The mainstream media, above all, has been monotonous and one-sided in its reporting, essentially telling people how they should think»


«many rural Trump voters in the South and the Midwest were tired of being derided as bumpkins by East and West Coast elites»


«Nothing illustrates this more clearly than support for the ideal of a multicultural…

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La Dea Tutte mi ha inviato a combattere il demone dell'evanescenza, fin dalla pianura che non deve essere nominata


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