The Rise of Islam

“Nothing I’m about to say reflects on the nobility of a person who happens to be Muslim and in fact, if I’m right about Islam, Muslims are the primary victims.”

Roy Schoeman points out that Islam is the only world religion that began after God had revealed the fullness of truth through Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. He asks whether this religion has a human or spiritual inspiration. If it has a spiritual origin, then what kind of spirit is behind it? Good or evil?

3 logical possibilities about foundation of Islam:

  1. Islam was a revelation from God
  2. The Koran is of human origin
  3. Islam is based on revelation from a spirit who pretends he’s God but is not God

“If you look at the content of Islam and of the Koran, you’re kind of forced into that last conclusion.” 

  1. It clearly can’t be a revelation coming from God since it contradicts Christianity.
  2. Human origin? Theoretically possible but Mohammed was illiterate and the Koran is extremely elaborate and elegant and literary Arabic poetry and prose. Hard to imagine it’s of human origin.
  3. Diabolical origin? It’s certainly not the first time that the enemy of man pretended to be God and really intended to stand in the way of man’s salvation.

Islam is often a caricature of Christianity, one example:

According to the Catholic Church, there has to be a conversion of the Jews before the end of the world and the Second Coming.

According to Islam, there has to be an extermination of the Jews before what they call the Day of Resurrection.

Roy SchoemanSigns of the Times (video)



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