Palle Negre e Negretti!

Mala tempora currunt se arrivano a censurare cose come questa.

The treat used to be known as a “negerboll” (“negro ball”).[2] It was coined in an era when the Swedish population was largely ethnically homogenous. The word is rarely used in print today, but sometimes occurs in colloquial speech.

The appropriateness of the term has been the subject of media debate in the 2000s. The Swedish word “neger” (roughly equivalent to English “negro“) was considered neutral a few decades ago but is now considered offensive. The use of “negerboll” is therefore not recommended by Swedish language authorities. The word “chokladboll” was first added to the Swedish Academy‘s glossary Svenska Akademiens ordlista in 2006. Before it was listed only as “negerboll“. In the 2013 edition, the pastry can be found under both names but with a comment that the “chokladboll” is the recommended term.

Sorgente: Chokladboll – Wikipedia

Esattamente come i nostri “Negretti”. Ossia questi dolci qui:

I dolci chiamati negretti

I negretti che buoni!

I negretti della Bulgari, che buoni!

La ricetta la trovate su Giallo Zafferano, qui «I negretti o moretti, ricetta facile»


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