Is Kaaba an ancient Hindu Shiva Temple confiscated by Muhammad during raids?

The Muslim Issue

We have mentioned in previous posts that the pagans of the Middle East during pre-Islamic times may actually refer to Hindus, not Christian pagans. Hindu scriptures refer to their own worshipers as ‘pagans’. The Hindu’s are the main polytheist’s in the world and the Hindu faith spread far beyond their own country. Some sources indicate that Hinduism was prevalent even in the Arabian peninsula. In Hinduism it is often claimed that religious verses and symbols mispronounced or used wrongly, has the opposite effect and becomes malign, destructive and evil. Islam is that distortions of what was Hindu worship in the medieval times.

Islam is corrupt. The Quran [Hadith and Sirath] gives plenty of testimony to it being a fabricated faith, created out of theft and loot, and out of greed and desire to conquer, occupy and destroy other nations and cultures. Islam is religion gone in reverse. It had no…

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