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Densità di popolazione

Africa population density, absolute amount of 1.5 million per surface.


I wasn’t satisfied with the existing population density maps because they never show absolute amount of people. I wanted to see how much people live on how much space and their underlying positions. So i created a map where every area consists of approximately 1.5 million people. It solves the problem of saturation on the usual density maps but the map will definitely not be fully accurate. It’s just fun to have a better impression of the distribution of the world population!

How did it go to work?

– I looked on wikipedia to all the regions, governates, provinces, municipalities until i could find a decent match of ~1.5 million. Some population data is from mid 2000, others are updated. Because of the booming of Africa, I compensated for some countries with old censusses by multiplying with a certain factor, depending how much % the country has grown from the moment of the census.

– I used a paint app and pasted maps on it of the different divisions so i could overdrawn them. Then I filled them in by color, sometimes I checked the surface, sometimes because of lack of data I had to do it on sight.

– Before starting a country or further division I checked how much surfaces there should be, so I would have a better guide going into it.. Because of the lack of data the smallest surfaces might not always be accurate, but the more you add up, the more correct it will be.



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