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Uno dei più efficaci

Uno dei modi più efficaci perché le persone abbandonino l’islam è di fargli leggere il corano nella loro lingua. Anche gli studiosi islamici lo ammettono.

00:00 I have great news for you Islam is dying 00:03 there is a report in the Turkish media 00:05 from several days ago that a scholar and 00:08 a member of the Turkish Directorate of 00:10 Religious Affairs made a shocking 00:12 declaration that the Quran turns people 00:14 away from Islam and turns them toward a 00:17 theism and deism 00:18 Faruk Bashar who writes for the 00:20 newspaper known as Ganesha funk which 00:23 translates to new dawn wrote an article 00:25 that is titled does reading Quran 00:28 translations distance the youth from 00:30 religion in his article he reports that 00:33 he had a brief correspondence with 00:35 someone from Turkey’s High Council of 00:38 Religious Affairs that is actually thing 00:41 that exists in Turkey which is a secular 00:43 country this member of the High Council 00:45 of religious affairs is professor dr. 00:48 Jaffa Rajesh according to the article he 00:51 said something that roughly translates 00:53 as serve the major arguments of atheists 00:56 and deists are rather based on Quran 00:58 translations than on philosophy Quran 01:01 translations can’t deliver the whole 01:02 meaning in this regard a cooperation by 01:05 D on it the Directorate of Religious 01:07 Affairs and theologians would be very 01:10 appropriate and would reverse the wind 01:11 religion teachers request free Quran 01:14 translations and distribute them to 01:15 students when students read and 01:17 experience problems interpreting the 01:19 translation they get confused and can 01:22 turn toward these currents atheism and 01:25 theism I believe that this in my humble 01:27 opinion is our main problem so ok there 01:30 is a small correction here that needs to 01:32 be made to all these reports in the 01:34 Turkish media what this guy is actually 01:36 saying is not that the Quran itself 01:39 turns people away from Islam but rather 01:41 that Quran translations turn students or 01:45 young people away from Islam but that is 01:47 also on its own very problematic for 01:50 Islam this goes back to something that I 01:52 say so often that most Muslims have no 01:55 idea about the contents of the Quran and 01:58 the average Muslim knows this the 01:59 average Muslim doesn’t read the Quran 02:01 and knows that other Muslims don’t read 02:03 the Quran either and even if they read 02:05 the Quran they don’t read it in a 02:06 language that they understand 02:08 in fact Muslims discourage each other 02:10 from reading the Quran in a language 02:12 other 02:12 an Arabic and even if you read it in 02:14 Arabic and you understand Arabic you’re 02:16 supposed to go to a scholar or read 02:20 exegesis to further understand what the 02:23 Quran is actually trying to tell you the 02:25 number of people who have read the Quran 02:27 in their own language is extremely low 02:29 I’m proud to declare that I have read it 02:32 numerous times in my own language and it 02:34 is awful in fact it was the Quran itself 02:37 it started to turn me away from Islam 02:39 although it wasn’t eventually just the 02:41 Quran it was much more than that he says 02:43 that young people turned toward a theism 02:45 and deism because they read the Quran 02:48 they get confused by the things that the 02:50 Quran translations say and then they 02:52 think well this is problematic that is 02:54 problematic I will turn toward a theism 02:57 and deism of course this is a huge 02:58 oversimplification of the issue people 03:01 don’t just read the Quran and think oh 03:03 this is problematic I don’t believe any 03:05 more no they read then they start to 03:07 question then they look for answers and 03:09 then they don’t find satisfying answers 03:11 and then they leave reading the Quran is 03:13 only the beginning of all this but let’s 03:16 assume he is right let’s assume young 03:18 people just read the Quran in their own 03:19 language in Turkish they are 03:21 dissatisfied with it and then they turn 03:23 away I did come across Quran 03:25 translations from the Directorate of 03:28 Religious Affairs which is why what this 03:29 guy is referencing those translations 03:32 are in many ways quite accurate 03:34 translations of the Quran except those 03:37 translations actually add 03:39 interpretations to the Quran which 03:41 cannot be found in the original text for 03:44 example one of the most popular examples 03:46 is chapter 4 verse 34 the Quran 03:49 literally says men are in charge of 03:51 women by what Allah has given one over 03:53 the other and what they spend from their 03:55 wealth so righteous women are devoutly 03:57 obedient guarding in absence what Allah 03:59 would have them guard but those from 04:01 whom you fear arrogance advise them 04:03 forsake them in bed and finally strike 04:06 them but if they obey you 04:08 seek no means against them indeed Allah 04:10 is ever exalted and grant what the 04:13 modern translation of the Turkish 04:14 Directorate says is this men are the 04:17 protectors of women because Allah made 04:20 some people superior to others and 04:22 because men spent from their own wealth 04:24 women are obedient they protect what is 04:26 secret because Allah protects them those 04:29 women whom you see opposed by rejecting 04:31 the obligations of their marriage advise 04:34 them then leave them in their beds alone 04:36 if these don’t help and you are forced 04:38 to then hit them lightly if they obey 04:42 then don’t seek any means against them 04:45 indeed Allah is very great very big in 04:49 this example the translation quite 04:51 accurately represents what the Quran 04:53 says except that it adds several things 04:57 in brackets that are not there in the 05:00 Quran at all interpretations to the 05:02 Quranic text in order to make it sound 05:04 better than it actually is 05:06 so the translations of the Directorate 05:08 of Religious Affairs already does add 05:11 reinterpretations to the Quran to make 05:13 it look nice but other than that people 05:16 can easily understand what the Quran 05:18 says looking at other examples I see 05:20 that everyone who reads the translation 05:22 can read that slavery is ok within the 05:25 context of the Quran that you can have 05:27 sex with slave girls that you should 05:29 fight the infidel some protective 05:31 measures that the Quran translators in 05:33 Turkish employ are to change several 05:36 Quran verses that are obviously 05:39 scientifically wrong embarrassingly 05:42 wrong so these people actually do tweak 05:44 the Quran already and make it sound 05:46 different make it sound more modern more 05:49 reasonable in a way in Turkish if we 05:52 trust this scholar we are to think that 05:54 the Quran on its own translated in this 05:57 way and improved by the Turkish 05:59 authorities is insufficient to keep the 06:03 Muslim community together young people 06:05 will read the Quran and will not like it 06:07 and they will turn away toward a theism 06:09 and deism which is becoming a huge 06:11 problem in Turkey and in other Muslim 06:13 cultures which is why these people are 06:15 increasingly talking about these issues 06:17 what these people are saying is that the 06:19 Quran cannot keep up with the times 06:21 which is why they must work together to 06:24 save the Quran to help the Quran make 06:27 sense to the average young person today 06:29 which means Allah is a terrible 06:31 communicator it seems like the perfect 06:33 Allah didn’t really think this through 06:35 what a shame 06:37 while I feel glad to see that so many 06:39 more Islamic scholars and educators 06:41 point out that reading the Quran in your 06:44 own language is detrimental to Islam to 06:48 your Islamic faith therefore I would as 06:50 always encourage you and everybody not 06:53 to take my word at all but to go and get 06:56 yourself a Quran translation in your own 06:58 language and just read it and see what 07:01 happens see what you think about the 07:02 Quran education is key and education is 07:05 destroying Islam which is fantastic and 07:08 it’s not the translations it is the 07:10 Quran itself the religion itself you can 07:13 doin nothing against that that’s all for 07:15 today I’ll be back with much more this 07:17 week for now thanks for watching if you 07:19 like this video it’s very important for 07:21 me that you’ll like and subscribe most 07:22 of my videos are not monetized if you 07:24 want to support what I am doing you can 07:26 support me on patreon or an apostate 07:28 07:29 I appreciate your support very much have 07:31 a fantastic day and stay away from Islam 07:34 [Music]


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