Minacciato da una donna col burqa – Cronaca – il Tirreno

Sapete che non mi piace la censura e nemmeno l’evanescenza della rete, pertanto sono sicuro che i giornalisti de “Il Tirreno” non me ne vorranno mi sono salvato la loro notissia giacché riportano in calce alla pagina un bel

“I diritti delle immagini e dei testi sono riservati. È espressamente vietata la loro riproduzione con qualsiasi mezzo e l’adattamento totale o parziale.”



Why a Yale neuroscientist decided to change careers — and is now becoming a priest – The Washington Post

“Even as he sought the truth day in and day out, peering into mice brains in the lab to figure out the mysteries of addiction and depression, Jaime Maldonado-Aviles was filled with uncertainty.

Was this what he should be doing with his life? As he excelled in school, earned a post-doctoral position at Yale, and won prestigious fellowships, Maldonado-Aviles wondered: Is this what God wants from me?

Eventually, the calling he felt from God became too powerful to ignore. The promising neuroscientist left the Ivy League research laboratory — and entered seminary at Catholic University of America in Northeast D.C. to become a priest.

“This constant intuition — I almost want to say nagging — that maybe I was called to serve in a different way… it was always frequent,” he said. “At different times the question would come back: If I see myself 90 years old, close to death, would I say to myself, ‘I should have entered seminary’?”

He entered. And now, within the church, he hopes to help Catholics understand scientists, and scientists understand Catholics.”

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